Liverpool Slavery Museum



Would definitely recommend any one (of any race) to go.

It was very depressing but still enlightening to see how slavery has effected us all.
“remember not that we were freed, but that we fought”.

This is a refreshing change from much of the coverage of the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade, which has tended to focus on the actions of a few white abolitionists, relegating the slaves themselves to passive victims.

In contrast, the museum takes care to tell the stories of slaves fighting back and resisting, as well as making clear how slavery has left with us the legacies of racism and Third World poverty.

Liverpool is a fitting place for this museum. It is estimated that ships from Liverpool were responsible for transporting nearly 1.5 million African slaves, more than 10 percent of all those transported.

The exhibition is clear from the very beginning that racism has its origins in the justification of slavery. It shows how the notion that African culture was backward and needed “civilising” also played a key role in imperialism. It made me think, wherever you go, why are blacks always in the worst position


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