GTA – The Way

I’m a designer so let start with the look of the CD. My first impressions are rubbish, the quality of printing in poor thus it makes the album look poor and cheap. I like the choice of one of my favourite fonts Century Gothic but I’m really disappointed by the poor use of compositions and lack of time spent on lil things that annoy me like not using a baseline grid along with shabby leading. A lot of things just add up to a lack of perfectionism on the part of the designer, I like the bullet idea but it just wasn’t communicated well.



Now on to the music ……


This is definitely in my top 5 albums bought this year…yes I’m putting this next to the like of Mr.carter and Lupe. The productions from J shears is on point “Jeeeeze” , Breakthrough is a classic. My other favourite are both solo tracks, first we have Ineff ‘What can I do’ the beat is fire and Ineff shows that he is fully capable of spitting ard on a track by himself. I’m actually used to his voice, I’ll admit at first I didn’t like my man and used to skip over his verses, haha I thought he sounded like a farmer. All this proves is that it takes time and people will realize the realness!


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